Mon Valley Works Facts

Mon Valley Works is an integrated steelmaking operation that includes four separate facilities: Clairton PlantEdgar Thomson PlantIrvin Plant, located in Western Pennsylvania and Fairless Plant, located near Philadelphia, Pa.

More than 4,000 men and women work at U. S. Steel facilities in Pennsylvania, including more than 3,000 at our Mon Valley Works operations located in Western Pennsylvania.

Clairton Plant

Clairton Plant is located approximately 20 miles south of Pittsburgh in Clairton, Pa., and sits along the west bank of the Monongahela River. The largest coke manufacturing facility in the United States, Clairton Plant operates ten coke oven batteries and produces approximately 4.3 million tons of coke annually, serving customers in the commercial coke market as well as U. S. Steel’s steelmaking facilities near Pittsburgh, Pa., Gary, Ind, Granite City, Ill. and outside of Detroit, Mich. Coke oven gas created during the coking process is recycled to conserve natural gas and power our facilities in the Mon Valley region. Read more here. 

Edgar Thomson Plant

Edgar Thomson Plant, located about 10 miles southeast of Pittsburgh in Braddock, Pa., is where basic steel production takes place at Mon Valley Works. Iron ore from Minnesota, coke from Clairton and other raw materials are combined in blast furnaces to produce liquid iron, which is then refined to create steel. Steel slabs from the facility are sent by rail to the nearby Irvin Plant in West Mifflin, Pa., where they are rolled into a number of different sheet products that serve customers in the appliance, automotive, metal building and home construction industries. Mon Valley Works has an annual raw steel production capability of 2.9 million net tons.

Irvin Plant

Irvin Plant, located in West Mifflin, Pa., rolls and treats steel slabs produced at the nearby Edgar Thomson Plant to meet customer specifications. Major sheet products manufactured at the Irvin Plant include hot-rolled, cold-rolled and coated sheet in addition to products for special applications, such as embossed sheet, vitrenamel sheet, and commercial bright sheet. Sheet products from Mon Valley Works serve customers in the appliance, automotive, metal building, and home construction industries. Mon Valley Works has an annual raw steel production capability of 2.9 million net tons

Other Pittsburgh-area Locations

Research and Technology Center

U. S. Steel’s Research and Technology Center is committed to developing cutting-edge products, creating innovative technical solutions and providing world-class support to the company’s integrated steelmaking operations worldwide. Located in Munhall, Pa., the state-of-the-art facility is LEED certified.

Corporate Headquarters

U. S. Steel’s headquarters are located in the U. S. Steel Tower in downtown Pittsburgh, Pa, and showcases the company’s COR-TEN® steel. The 62-story tower is the tallest building in downtown Pittsburgh.

Union Railroad Company

Union Railroad Company is a class III terminal switching railroad operating on 128 miles of mainline and yard track in Allegheny County in Western Pennsylvania. The railroad’s primary customers are the three plants of the Mon Valley Works. Union Railroad maintains interchanges with the Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad, CSXT, Norfolk Southern, Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company and Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad.